Why Far’n Away Travel?


Why Far'n Away Travel?

  • 16+ years in travel design and consulting.
  • Access to high end suppliers around the world through international luxury travel network Traveller Made®
  • Experience focused travel expertise.
  • Reservation advantages at selected high end properties through special contracts and Traveller Made®

Personalised Travel Design

  • Personalised itinerary and travel experience planning.
  • Travel experience planning with a focus in every single detail of importance to our clients.
  • Team of travel consultants that has travelled to more than 120 countries.

Boutique Group Travel

  • Travelling with well educated and well travelled people who share similar interests.
  • Opportunity to share your hobby or passion with people of similar interests/passion.
  • Special focus in boutique and luxury accommodation as well as restaurant selections.
  • Travel with experienced group leaders, subject matter experts including the company managing partners.




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